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Things To Say To Your Woman That Are Better Than I Love You!

Written by Aaliya Rahman
Back with another relationship tip. When it comes to any relationship, it’s not always about how you touch each other to make love but sometimes you need to touch them with words where your hands can’t reach. A bit philosophical yet true. Just as a wrong phrase can turn off your partner, a right one can make them feel important. There are several phrases you can say to your girl in order to make her blush, happy and not to forget, important. I’ve experienced such moments where I am all pissed off and then there comes a phrase that couldn’t make me more happier. I’d be sharing fifteen of them that I’ve cobbled, with you in this article, to help you out with your girlfriends or wives.

1. You know what I love about you….

2. You are right.

3. We are in this together.

4. Last night was incredible.

5. If you want to talk, I’m here.

6. What’s the most meaningful experience you’ve ever had?

7. I don’t understand but I’m going to try.

8. No, you don’t look fat.

9. How can I support you?

10. Can I get your perspective on this?

11. I made plans for us for tonight.

12. I love how you look without makeup.

13. One of your best qualities is…

14. I feel like I can tell you anything.

15.  Wow! That guy was checking you out.

16. You are the only one for me. 


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