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Try These And Completely Sweep Her off Her feet

Written by Pragyan Agrawal
A recent article about on Siddhartha Malhotra’s view on chivalry made a huge buzz among his fans and of course the social media. He very clearly stated that it is sad that the women think that the culture of chivalry is dead. Something which is not true. Chivalry still exists and there are gentlemen out there, ready to extend chivalrous hand to the gorgeous ladies. Now, here are some things that definitely helps in attracting women and melting them down. You get to completely sweep her off her feet just by applying some of these points in your daily meet and greet. Have a look.


1. Go Floral:

Well, by this I really do not ask you to get all floral clothing and stuff, I just mean that present her a bouquet. Girls love flowers and so if you present her one when greeting her in the morning or whenever, remember to carry a little Lilly with you. This along with giving you a treat of her smile will also help in laying down a really romantic foundation for your relationship.

2. Open Up:

Umm… you see girls really love being treated as princesses. Noting would melt them more when they see that their significant other is very interested in making them comfortable and looking after them. So next time when you go out with her, remember to open the car’s door, restaurant door and pull out a chair for her. She will be more than just melt.

3. Protect Her:

No! no! you got it wrong again. Not from goons and the world, do not get too dramatized. Protect her from small simple worldly things that may be harmful. Here is an idea, pull her arms when she is about to step into puddle while using her phone. Change walking sides when she is walking on the sidewalk’s edge and more such, you know, simple things.

4. Kiss Her Forehead:

It is now a known fact that women love being kissed on the forehead. They feel more loved, secured and respected when kissed on the forehead. A lip lock is even more awesome but when its your lips and her forehead, the feeling inside her can not be put into words. Whats more, the girl is sure to get really attracted towards you and show her freshly dugged up love.

5. Listen To Her:

Hell yeah! you have got to listen to your significant other. That girl standing next to you with a pretty smile on her face in your selfies if not anything else, expects to be listened. This is the most chivalrous thing you can carry out. It might happen that you may not take interest in a certain topic. But buddy, if she is telling you about it, it must be holding importance for her. Trust me! women have a tendency to hide a lot from their partners.

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