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Students tweet demanding better hostel conditions.

Written by Arsalan Rahman

students tweet demanding better hostel conditons.
Indian Hostels have become a synonym for day to day struggle by the students to survive.  Unhygienic living condition and inedible tasteless food seems to be the attribute of the hostel life in India.
Also a lot off college have a sexist approach in their hostels. Girls are denied basic rights where are girls are chained with perm times and are often forced to wear “sanskari” outfits.
Well there is a limit to everything.  Students took to twitter addressing the problem in a series of tweets with a hashtag #myhostelmyright. The campaign is initiated by the national students union of India (NSUI).

Students need basic facilities.

Why this difference?

Is this how a hostel room should be?

The nation wants to know!

A picture speakes a thousand words.

So much for the women empowerment.

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