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love story
Written by Saloni Chachan
Unfolding the past

Ansh as promised, started mentioning to Mahira, about how his heart was shattered by a girl named Priya in his school days.
It all began when he was in class 11th and dated a girl for 2 years who eventually left him for the reason that he was not of her standard. This made him arrogant and ignorant to love.

Mahira without interrupting heard things very patiently connecting to every part of it. All she could say was ”that’s bad”, saying this a tear rolled down her cheek.

The conversation further escalated when Ansh finally asked Mahira for her contact number and Mahira without a second thought gave it to him.

A few hours later she receives a text from him  –

Ansh- Hey! I would be really happy if we both met.
Mahira- Sure! when?.
Ansh- ummm.. Maybe tomorrow? Near Dream pies at 4?
Mahira- Okay. Will see you there.

JANUARY 22, 2011

Standing by the side of a busy road, all Mahira could think was how is she gonna talk and meet him. When he finally came, there were flashbacks going on in Mahira’s head. Ansh came and they had an awkward start without making an eye contact, but they looked everywhere else. Ansh finally looked at her and wanted to compliment but he couldn’t.

On the outside, Mahira was shying away but on the inside, she was dying to start a good conversation.
Breaking the ice, Mahira got a call from her house to come back. Without thinking, she rushed back to her home saying Goodbye to Ansh.

Ansh texts her again and asks her when she could meet him next. Mahira didn’t answer him back and it led to several weird things going on in his head as to why she didn’t reply him. He thought maybe it was the end of their journey, but future was holding something else for these two. Mahira texted him a day later saying –

Wait for the next part to know what Mahira texted.


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