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Written by Puja Agrawal

For those who are head over heals in love with photography, we bring to you six different alluring places to visit and capture from all over the world.

  1. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Up for a couple shoot? Well, this is the place for you. It is a mysterious green tunnel of trees covering a section of railway tracks in Ukraine, best suited for pre-wedding or couple shoots. Covered with green trees, this is the most beautiful example of nature at its best, when left undisturbed.

Source: Google Images

  1. The dark hedges, Northern Ireland

Lined with beech trees twisted branches forming an arch over the road, it makes an impressive site for photographers. The best time to photograph this beauty is sunrise and sunset, it will also help you to avoid tourist rush (only in the morning though). A Game of Thrones fan would love to have a theme photo shoot here.

Source: Google Images

  1. Valley of flowers, Uttrakhand

This Indian National Park located in the West Himalaya is another destination for splendid and vibrant photography. Covered with charming meadows of alpine flowers, it is picturesque in its beauty. A colorful and beautiful world awaits here for all those nature photography enthusiasts.

Source: Google Images

  1. Danxia mountains, China

Danxia mountains is a world famous geo-park containing the largest, most beautiful scenic area in the city. The mountains have been formed from reddish sandstone which over millions of years has eroded to create this alien-looking landscape. This is one of the best locations for colorful photography.

Source: Google Images

  1. Cano Cristales

Caño Cristales is located in a remote, isolated area not easily accessible by road, but worth taking a risk. Referred to as ‘river of five colors’ and ‘river that ran from paradise’ this beautiful river is one of the most spectacular natural wonders for photography.

Source: Google Images

  1. Dead sea

The dead sea lies in a desert; the combination makes it a very attractive spot for photography. The crystal caves, petrified trees/plants, salt crystal formations etc make it a very interesting photography destination.

Source: Google Images



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