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Reflective Leadership and Vision: A Thought

Written by Pragyan Agrawal
The advancement and the constant developing status of the world is an obvious fact today. Everything and every individual is undergoing the process of this quite a natural phenomenon of development. However when looking at a bunch of school children, college mates or even the colleagues, we do wander what they are going to do next. This very thought arises  only because of that very presence of the feeling of competition within us. Quoting an example from the movie 3 idiots which is quite justified in real life. It is a statement by the principal of ICE who says- life is a race, if you do not run fast, you fail. But hold on, pause your running and try to figure out where are you running towards and what exactly do you want.

Now, everybody has a vision and a dream of what they want to achieve in their life. Every little kid expresses his/her short lived aim of becoming an astronaut, a scientist, a teacher or a business person. These thoughts and expressions are great but little do they realise the hardships that might come their way. Not everybody is lucky to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth and not everybody has a full-fledged well-placed business houses set up by their father which could then be overtaken by these rich-born. However,contrary to this, there have been people who started out from a middle class background, had a vision in their mind and were set to become and pursue their dreams in the pursuit of their own leadership.

Now comes the point of leadership. When you have a vision, you need unity next. You need unity because you need a unified group. The group which is ready to put equal efforts and take effective steps towards the completion of a vision, of a dream and of a goal. Now not everybody is a born leader and without the very quality of leadership, no task or goal can be lead towards the door of success. And hence, this leadership comes from the reflection of our very own leaders. The aspects of visions and successful goals have given the aspiring young minds a number of great leaders to follow and reflect. Mukesh Amabani; a leader in business house, Sacchin Tendulkar; a leader in cricket, the very current Manushi Chillar, a leader and holder of the title Miss World 2017 are just to name a minor fraction of the personalities there are to follow.

None of these belonged to a well-off family, they are quite similar to us; normal human beings. But the difference is they are human beings with a vision, with a dream and a goal. The people who are driven by their wit and motivated by achievements. People like our freedom fighters also had a vision to attain independence for our country. They stood up to be the leaders. Now the politicians today in order to gleam like them in the light of their reflections have served the country with corrupted platters. In contrast, the youth today is rising in the real glare of the reflective leadership of the ‘honest’ leaders, our country has witnessed. Surely with right guidance and an optimistic approach they will be able to get our country on the rightly refined path.

Finally, if one wishes to embark on a venture of professionalism in any field, one must attain the reflection of their leaders. There is utmost freedom in choosing the ideals and following them. There isn’t a scarcity of the leaders and there never will. All one has to do is start out with a vision, become one’s own leader and reflect the pride, glory, greatness and serenity of success to the global population of aspirations and versatility.


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