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Men’s guide to a perfect undercut

Written by Tabish Alam

Undercut, probably the most embraced hairstyles for all time that we just can’t get over, The more we flaunt it, the more we feel it. It has not only been a rigid hair trend in men’s runway and fashion, but it’s also very common in film and television stars. It is also very famous in street style with teenagers. undercuts are so popular because it’s youthful and can go perfectly for curly, straight or wavy hair types, Here we are featuring 6 best types of undercut with guidance to perfectly flaunt it, Take a look!

1. Classic Undercut

This is the most conservative undercut, it’s a classic cut with trimmed sides and medium hair on top. This is the best undercut is for all the apprehensive guys because it is simple and not too extreme. Styling it is extremely simple, just a bit of hair wax/ gel will keep it clean and shiny.

2. Layered Undercut

If you want something a little different then layered undercut is all you need. It also adds volume and depth to hair. Layers can go from longer to shorter or shorter to longer or without any fixed proportions. layered undercut can be styled best with a little bit of hair wax or hair mousse and you are good to go.


3. Side swept Undercut

The side-swept undercut is the most fashionable and poised undercut. Hair should be in long proportion on top and little shorter on sides. The key to flaunt it perfectly is to part your hair right,and in a way in which, where your hair naturally falls.


4. Puffy Undercut

Volume and texture are the most important aspect of a puffy undercut. It’s very easy for men with curly hair to flaunt this look without much a hustle but for men with straight hair, lots of layers and textures are needed. While styling always use matte products for a perfect puffy look.


5. Long Undercut

Long undercuts can make wondrous fashion statements. It is the combination of short sides with long front and top, The front hair must be long and the back can be shorter depending upon your choice. This hair have rebellious charm of unkempt long hair, Go for a this look to make a fashion statement of your own.

6. Top knot Undercut

The top knot undercut is best for a two in one hairstyle. You can surely flaunt your long undercut in the day for a casual look and a sleek top knot undercut for a high fashion look at night. No rules for top knot haircut apart from having long enough hair to make a knot or bun on top of your head. Treat your hair with adequate amount of hair gel to get a sexy, sassy sleek look.

I hope this guide to these amazing styles of undercut helps you, Have a good day.

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