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Written by Pragyan Agrawal
Strange? Or not so strange…. Well, I don’t think the love topic today is strange. It rather is fascinating. You are a proof, you clicked the link which states that you’re damn well fascinated. If I come on speaking about love, it might actually take one entire day, and the views will not end. Love is indeed beautiful, it’s charisma, aroma, feeling and the goosebumps are worth being experienced. We all must have had this beautiful experiences… and so did I. Today, your “love” might not necessarily be around you, and you may actually pretend that you don’t care, but your heart knows it all. It knows who is that one person you have love for. 

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Now coming to the topic, as long as you find love in a stranger, its pretty normal and easy going. Its when you start developing feelings for your best friend, the turmoil begins. I mean hey! that person is your best friend. He has been there as your buddy, the ultimate companion, your secret keeper, 2 am friend and everything else you have confide in him for a long time now. And now suddenly, out of nowhere, or should I say somewhere, from that little talk you had on love has made you start falling for him. You feel you are floating on air, you are fantasizing all different kind of things, what’s more girl, he is even paying casual visits to your dream nowadays. You feel amazing when his thoughts struck you and you just do not wanna come outta it. And then suddenly, BHAM!!!!


“This ain’t hollywood, this is a small town”.

Welcome to real life baby. Imagination is free to flow, but on the cost of torturing yourself? Now you gotta tell him. He has to know about the feelings, if in case you want to stop torturing yourself and get anywhere in this relationship. You think, he has feelings for you too. You could make that out by the conversations you two had. Remember that “comfy old blanket incident?” or the discussions of everything ranging from hairstyles to brands to love to casual college chics hookups and also sex. Now you know that he is a wonderful kisser. Oh no! you haven’t kissed him , not yet! He has just bragged about it to you. You wonder if he is actually.. and with all those stupid feelings you wanna experience it too. Badly! everything now is going with the flow. There is no problem except for the turbulence in your mind.


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Well yes, your mind is now restless. Because you and your best friend have confessed lust for each other, to each other. Moreover, after that sexy talk, things have got a little awkward. You two are not sharing the same bond, you used to have. He likes you and you like him, you guys will always be there to be each other support systems, but somewhere that amazing whirlwind friend nonsense is missing. You feel that the guy has got really busy now and feeling many many other kinds of things, which may or may not be real. Your brain and heart have crossed ways now. Maybe this phase is nothing, but a signal for you to move on…..


But hey girl, wait!!!! If you are confident about the feelings from both side. Go for it. Confess it. Don’t be scared and don’t be just friends. If something is meant to happen, it will never go wrong. Don’t wanna do it directly? No issues. Put WhatsApp stories, and he will understand its him. He is been your best friend for a long time now. He will know whats going on. Moreover, even he is going through the same. Bdw, are you finding yourself jealous, when he is talking about other girls? Darn!!! you are madly in love with him, you just can’t see him with someone else. Maybe that girl will now have to look for shelter, after all you gonna skim out her skin. Lol. What’s more, finding your love in your best friend though is a roller coaster ride, but trust me, it will be the best ever. The most wonderful wonderful feeling…..     (FEEL THAT TINGLE ON YOUR NECK SWEETY)


With love,
Diano <3


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