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Written by Nancy Agrahari
Oh how time flies and life has changed and now we have come far away from our home and the welcoming arms of our humble abode, the place that has witnessed it all our love, our fights and the never-ending over-the-top dramas!

Between all this we grew up and moved-on with our life but the one thing that stayed with us as a companion of our late night laughs and sneaky-peaky entry to our rooms was our Hostel-life! Yes, life has surely taken an interesting turn as soon as we stepped into the boundaries of our hostel. Living a hostel life is nothing less than starting life afresh what with roomies showing up from a different world , having to eat the pathetic mess food to long ques for bathrooms and to top it all a strict warden, life surely gets enthralling in a hostel. Here are a few things only hostelers would understand.

  1. Mastering the art of Time Management / We are the Flash: Nobody and I mean nobody can compete with you in the art of time management , if you are a hostelite. A hostellite can wake up at 08.58 am and magically appear at the class at 09.00 am!

2.We hate the Food! : From “daal hai ki paani?” to “yaar phir se yahi sabzi?” , we all have collectively hated the mess-food and the routine . Even broccoli sounds better than having the food a day more.hostel food

3.Hostel Guard is the most important person: Sneaking out at night is so much fun and the thrill of not giving a damn about curfew, while teaming up with the security guard ,we have done it all. That guy has literally saved our lives so many times. *phew*

4. Maggi for you: Staying in a hostel and living on Maggi is almost synonymous. It is the answer to all our midnight hunger pangs. Undoubtedly, we can have Maggi three times a day and still never get bored with it.

hostel maggi

5.You have to treat your Entire Floor on your Happy Birthday: Birthday celebrations in hostels have always been close-to-heart experiences. With the entire hostel coming over to wish you and the extended treats and that to the whole freaking floor!

6. Ghar ka Khaana: The only reason you got the attention from your fellow roommates whenever you return from home is because of the awesome food that your parents sent with you.

7.The Game-Zone: Every hostler understood the importance of hard-disc full of games and movies.

8.All our first have happened here (well mostly): Admit it, hostel was the place all of us experienced our first, from first terrible hangover to good-girl-gone-bad realization and even the slightly modified version of you-tube *wink*.

the typical hostel life

9.Group Studies? Please! : We all know that there is no such thing as group studies when you are a hostellite. It’s almost impossible to shut-up.

10. Values of Friendship: Hostel life teaches you the true value of friendship , the secret , the madness and those stupid laughs.Hostel is a place where you make tons of memories and great friends.



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