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Written by Nancy Agrahari
Ambition and the will of chasing your heart desire seems worthy enough to live your life, because at the end of the day all of us need some bank balance, right? But, believe it or not, I have learned that too much encouragement and inspiration can drive you to do the opposite.

The urge of reaching at the top comes to a point where nothing matters, neither the present nor the past. Ambition may engage a healthy balance of hunger and humility, determination and perspective but for some of us ambition leads to the brink of naiveté.

When you’re too ambitious, you lose all sight of practicality, you become indecisive, and sometimes you can’t commit to long-term jobs/projects.

If this rings a bell in your head then here are seven symptoms that show that you are an ambition-addict.

1. Contempt for  the present and approbation for the future:

You are constantly questioning everything that’s happening in your life and you have nothing but hatred for the kind of life you are leading. You are unable to satisfy yourself and your goal seems to be the only answer to everything. Perhaps that’s why you think about your future too much in the hopes of getting closer to your goals.


2. Single minded focus on the goal :

Often times too much ambition has your mind focused entirely on the goal and it becomes the sole purpose of your life. Everything else fades away in the distant and it seems like they are holding you back from acquiring your goals. In many instances , you end up ignoring your loved ones by entertaining your plans for the future.

3. Anxiety and panic:

Anxiety is a common symptom of having your primes shifted. When you are too focused on something , you lose track of the things that are holding you sane. Anxiety and panic attacks are your mind’s way of telling you that you should take a break!

4. Jealousy :

There are times when you feel contempt and dissatisfied with your own life when you hear the success story of others. This leads to dissatisfaction and frustration.

5. Over-confidence :

The fact that you are too positive about your success leads you to over-confidence. You become ignorant and avoid any positive aura to come your way as you dance to your own beats!

6. Fast-and-furious :

The ambition addicts always chooses the fast-and-furious way. They are impatient, makes manic decisions and are always the busy-bee!

7. Inferiority-complex :

You will always feel inferior and will end up bragging about your life because you don’t believe that it’s cool enough.


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