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Written by Puja Agrawal
A boy and a girl can never remain just friends! Well, who says that anymore? There is no pure relationship than a girl having a guy best friend and a girl having a guy best friend. And trust me, if you don’t have one yet, it’s high time to look for such a person and be carefree your rest of the life!

Here we bring to you a few perks of having a guy best friend:

1. If you are out with him, your parents just know that you are safe. Yes! they can trust him more than your boyfriend.

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2. A compliment from him just can’t be fake. You know that!
Unlike your female friends who are always ready to tell you how beautiful you look, male besties just don't give a shit. And if you were to get a compliment, it's normally a little weird.
3. Birthday presents? Not a deal. Just break into his house with a beer in hand and play video games!

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4. You are both, the princess and the bitch with him. No judgments!

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 5. You always have his back, even in your worst conditions. Always a call away!

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6. You guys find the perfect match for each other and get to judge each other’s crush!
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7. If you have a potty mouth, you have just got the right best friend.

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8.He has got the right amount of patience to deal with your emotional break downs and mood swings. ALWAYS!
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9. You use him as a fake boyfriend to shoo other guys away. Hell Yeah!

10. You always have a man’s perspective on dating ideas. No more being stupid!



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