6 perk of being an Indian Ex-President.

It Seem that relinquishing the President’s office is a painful process. But it’s not such a loss after all. There are many perks that an Ex-President enjoys after retirement.

On retirement, the president will get (at current rates) Rs.75,000 a month as pension.


Well not a very huge amount but considering all the other benefits. This amount is quite reasonable.

A furnished rent free bungalow.


Well a rent free bungalow in the heart of the capital! 75000 doesn’t seem a small amount now. Does it?

Medical facilities


Free medical Facility with top notch Doctors of India.

Unlimited domestic travel reimbursement with a companion by train or by air.


Unlimited domestic travel reimbursement! Unlimited! Well retirement can turn into a long exotic vacation of endless exploring. Go Wanderlust!

Five personal staffs including two private secretaries, one peon, one official car.


Five Personal staffs including two secretaries at disposal, that too when you have nothing to do. Well traveling can be a lot more easier.

Delhi Police security.





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