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Written by Puja Agrawal

Paulo Coelho is an author who needs no introduction. Raised to the fame by book, The Alchemist, Ceolho is the most loved Brazilian lyricist and novelist. Recipient of innumerable international awards, his book ‘Eleven Minutes’, leaves the readers spellbound.

The magic created by his pen is beyond description. This is a novel which deals with the subject that is harsh, shocking and difficult to accept. Maria’s journey from a small village of Brazil to Europe leaves us thinking how life should be left to go on its own.

The central character of the book, Maria, whose first innocent brushes with love leaves her shattered, goes on a life changing trip to Europe. She ends up working as a prostitute, and enjoys her life with experiments.

Through the sex industry, Maria saves her soul and also a great deal of bank balance. The book explores the sacred nature of sex. The title here depicts the duration of sex, and deals with the nature of prostitution.

In Maria, the author creates a strong and sensual women who captures our sympathy. Her trials and triumphs make the story end up on a romantic note.

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