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Written by Puja Agrawal
When it comes to our cool captain Dhoni, we can not miss the chance to appreciate the man. He has always been one in a million, and he keeps it proving time and again. The internet brimming with love messages for him, he has surely won our hearts as usual.

Twitterati lost their calm over the pictures posted by BCCI of the team relaxing at the Chennai airport. We know Dhoni is the master of power naps, given a moment, he will find a way to have his daily dose. Going by the latest photos it is relevant that the man is so so down to earth.The post by BCCI was reference to the home team’s win against Australia in their first one-day international match.

BCCI posted pictures of the team members, including the former skipper, captain Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, Hardik Pandya, etc., chilling at the Chennai airport and fans of the cricketers have already found their latest favourite pictures of the Indian cricket team.



The love for Ms Dhoni is never ending and the fans will never leave a chance to show it off!


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