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Written by Sweety Jha
People generally detoxify their bodies by changing their diet…eating healthy…but ever wondered how important it is to detoxify our minds as well… In the hustle and bustle of everyday stressed lives we sometimes feel saturated..so its equally important to soothe and heal our mind to increase our productivity and be a happy person.

Lets see how:

1. Meditation
Get comfortable, breathe. Carve out sometime for peaceful reflection. Download some meditation apps.

2. Praise yourself
Once in a day take out time to embrace yourself. Praise on how you are. Feel your body. Think how amazingly your body works. Feel lucky to be born.

3. Stay active
Always try to be active as it increases your focus. Sitting dull will only do harm to you. Staying active boosts your confidence as it makes you give your best.

4. Be grateful
Eliminate negative thoughts and focus on the things that you are grateful for. Think about your lived ones. Always take out time for them no matter what. Because this is the life you have got.

5. Avoid distraction/ stay out of social media
There are so many distractions in day to day life which affects us negatively. One of them is our mobile phone. Stay out of social media for sometimes. Stay connected to the real ones. It will give you more contentment.


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