Written by Arsalan Rahman

In a country obsessed with stereotyping, we Biharis are by far the greatest victims of this obsession.
No matter where we go, we are so judged just for being Bihari. And we agree that these stereotyping is not a product of a jobless mind. We Biharis are also responsible for it to “SOME EXTENT” but then that’s just how we are.

Here are few typical stereotypes associated with Biharis…

1.       Language:

Yes, Bhojpuri is one of the languages spoken in the state of Bihar, amongst many other commonly spoken languages such as English, Hindi, Urdu, Maithili, Maghi etc. Sure Bhojpuri is a funny sounding language but just so you know, a person speaking Bhojpuri is not bound to be illiterate, “gawaar” and Unethical person who would go to a public bathroom and ask for a “LOTA”. It’s just their native tongue like Gujrati, Bengoli, and telgu!


2.       Politics:

Yes, some of us love politic and boy we are seriously good with it. But it’s not like all the Biharis are obsessed with politics and cannot live a day without discussing politics.
No, every Bihari cannot imitate Lalu is not necessarily a “Lalu ka fan”

3.       UPSC:

It’s a fact that Bihar produces many IAS and Bihari are obsessed with UPSC. And this is because of a very simple reason that we Biharis are smarter and wittier than most you. So get over with it.

4.       Crime:

This is by far the stupidest stereotyping that has ever existed. Not every Bihari is a rowdy or aspires to be a criminal one day. Sure the crime rate is high in Bihar but it’s not like you would be mugged or kidnapped or killed as soon as you step into Bihar. And no you would not see a child carrying a “katta” its bihar not Africa for god’s sake.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

5.       “Gawaar”:

 Just because our language sounds funny or our pronunciation is a bit off. That does not make us “gawaar”. We do things a bit differently but that is an art we Biharis are a master at called “jugaad”.

6.       “Rikshaw wala”:

It seems that there is no middle ground for Biharis. Either we are supposed to be a Gazetted Officer or a rishaw puller and nothing else. This Sublimate thought that the world has over Bihari is ridiculous. We do excel in many other profession like Engineering, Doctor or may be Journalism.     


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