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Written by Puja Agrawal
Being a stalker is so easy now, you don’t have to wear a hoodie and chase the person, you no longer need binoculars, because social networking sites have opened a whole new window of opportunity to stalk people. All you need to do is have a profile on each and hey you are done. But wait, what about accidentally liking a three year old picture! HAHA! You feel screwed up, but what now! Nothing, you are just caught!

Here we bring to you a six signs that can prove you are a stalker!

1. The first thing you do after meeting someone is facebook them! Yes if that’s what you do immediately after meeting someone, you are hell of a stalker!


2. You keep revisiting an instagram account just to check if it is public now! You are lucky if you found a public profile, but damn that’s rare. Image result for stalking on social sites gifs
3. Sometimes, you also create a fake account! Yes, if you have to stalk your ex and oops you are blocked now, you resort to fake profiles.

4. You are careful about your posts because you think everyone is just like you! If the fear of being stalked stops you from posting something stupid, you are a stalker.

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5. Your friends  talk about someone, and you are ready with a hell lot of information. Haha, you are the secret agent in your friends group.

6. Your crush is no longer a crush because you have stalked her much, may be 4-5 years down. See stalking does wonders.

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