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A Journey to Calmness – “The Unplanned Plan”

Written by Social Mela

This is a long series presenting a travel memoir by Amaan Imam Ghazi. It will be presented in parts. This is first chapter – The Unplanned Plan

Since January, it was ticking in my mind to visit somewhere where I can be myself, no loads of work or studies. Just me, a good weather and silence. When I discussed it with Siddharth, in the name of planning, a road trip to somewhere serene was decided, the adventures were included and the fun-level bar was raised. Rest, the destination remained unknown, the budget was never in mind, time – whenever it seemed to be right, and duration –  until our souls were satisfied.

In the month of March 2014. Sid called and reminded me of our plan, with tickets booked for Patna, I was all geared to be home that Holi. We postponed it to April, post second sessional exams, we believed we will have few days off. But for some reasons again we postponed the journey to a time favorable to hit the road.

After the last cancellation, we discussed who else wanted to be on board and where to go. A new face popped up, Anadi – Siddharth’s room partner, and Laddakh, Shimla, Manali, and Nainital appeared on the map. It meant, still not fixed. Royal Enfield Bullet was the initial ride beast, and none of us owned it. The best option was to hire it. One more session of discussion and three points were ‘zeroed’: –

First, Anadi was going or not going, the decision was left to Anadi himself, but only at the last moment.

Second, Royal Enfield Bullet hiring required 60% of the cost of the motorcycle, as the security deposit, so, it was a ‘NO’.

Third, it was better to start the trip with a place which is known to us, and Nainital was the place.

(to be continued..)


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