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6 Reasons Why One Should Read Books.

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Written by Fatma Rahman

1. Fun –

Ever imagined of relating yourself to a character? Books have something for everyone with a huge variety of genre. All you need to do is to find the right shelf at the library to relate to them.

2. Shaping Personality –

Reading books is like having conversation with different people of different emotions which makes one more understanding and empathetic. Books allow one to explore themselves and examine their emotions and behavior.

3. Knowledge –

Reading is about learning in different ways. Anything we read is fruitful some increase our vocabulary, some our level of understanding, few our view towards different things.

4. Concentration –

We spend our days doing so many things at the same time but Reading requires concentration. You do one thing only. Many people, even if they want to, can’t concentrate anymore. Reading is a great way to work on your ability to concentrate, which increases productivity.

5. Inspiration –

Fictional characters can be a source of inspiration just like people met in the real life. You can learn from them, get influenced by their words and actions.

6. Analytical skills –

Analyzing the story, making an effort to understand the behavior of characters, trying to solve puzzles and uncover mysteries – all of that engages and develops your critical and analytical thinking.



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