6 Reasons why Bihar’s litti chokha is now International

Written by Tabish Alam

1. littichokha is one of the few healthy street foods of India. The main ingredient is Sattu which is prepared with toasted gram flour that makes it extremely healthy.

2. It shares a historic background with the peasants and famers in Magadha kingdom before becoming popular in Bihar.

3. Litti became an important meal during war times, majorly because it needed very less water and could be baked without using any utensils.

4. Littichokha stays in stomach for long and keeps one full and cool in summers.

5. Celebrities from Manoj Bajpayee to Amir khan all have loved and promoted littichokha.

6. Littichokha is ready to compete with American, Thai cuisines at Manila food Fest’17


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