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6 Must-Eat Eid Delicacies –

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This week, with the ending of the Holy month of Ramadan, the three-day festival, full of colors and food, Eid-ul-Fitr will begin. The one-month of fasting is meant to signify abstinence, self control, and most of all to keep in mind those who might not be so fortunate. Needless to say, food forms a big part of the celebration! The cuisines all over the world are cooked in many different ways, yet they somehow manage to bring everyone together.  (Fair warning- You might not be able to get through this post without drooling!)

1) Haleem

The month of Ramadan is synonymous with Haleem in Hyderabad. With meat, pulses and dates coming together in a mouthwatering combination, call up your Hyderabadi friends to make sure you get to taste this!


2) Biryani

The aroma of a biryani will have you completely salivating. The rice is absolutely delicate, and the chicken/mutton are so tender and juicy you almost don’t realize you’re eating meat.  Its goodness in every bite!

3) Kaleji Curry

This delicious curry is eaten as a breakfast or lunch option. It is generally paired with naan for a delicious end to the fast.


4) Tangri Kebab

Chicken is roasted on top of a hot fire, and generous amounts of ghee and butter are put on top to make sure even though your stomach is full, you’ll keep going back for more!


5) Kofta

Generally cooked in a spicy curry, Kofta can be eaten either with rice or with a fresh, yum keema parantha. In different parts of India, local tastes are incorporated with fish, and prawns being used instead of the usual chicken.


6) Seviyan

Last but very important. A staple in every household celebrating Eid, Seviyan(Vermicelli) is a sweet which is absolutely mouth watering. After a month of fasting, this is the best reward one can hope to get! There’s more! Sevai is also roasted in ghee and served with crubled khowa and elaicidana, which makes for a greeeaaaattt Dessert, especially during Eid!

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