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6 Interesting Disney Facts

Written by Fatma Rahman

Four-Fingered Hands Instead Of Five

Most of the cartoon characters had hands with four fingers because it is easier to draw and animate them. It saves a lot of time in animating and it does not make any difference to the viewers. This started with Mickey Mouse.

White Gloves

We have seen Mickey Mouse, Goofy and other cartoon characters wear white gloves, this is because when cartoons were black and white it was a way of contrasting their naturally black hands against their black body so that they were more visible.

 Disney’s Shortest Feature

Dumbo is the shortest Disney feature movie; it is just 64 minutes long. It was advised that it should be extend, but Walt resisted as he thought that after this point the story will not hold together.

First Sound Track

Snow white was the first film to release with a sound track. It came out in 1944.

 First Movie to Utilize Xerox Technology

101 Dalmatians was the first feature to use Xerox technology to save a lot of time, money, and hands.

First Original Disney Cartoon

The Lion King was the first Disney animated film to feature a completely original storyline.

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