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Written by Puja Agrawal

The first word that comes to your mind thinking about Marwaris is ‘Food’. Right! Here we bring to you 6 different marwari sabzis that will make you drool right away.

  1. Dahi Aloo ki sabzi

    A super easy to make dish serves very well with rotis or phulkas. Made with curd and potato this is a delicious food item.

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2. Gatte ki sabzi

This Rajasthani food item is very scrumptious to eat. A visit to this state and not having a plate of gate ki sabzi is a waste.

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3. Papad mangori ki sabzi

Prepared in almost every Marwari household, this papad ki sabzi is loved by all. You can mould the dish according to your taste, the basic ingredient remains papad.

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4. Panchmella ki sabzi

Easiest of all Marwari items, this is a simple composition of five different vegetables made into one. A highly delicious and healthy food item, goes well with rotis and rice both.

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5. Sangar ki sabzi

This dish is a combination of berries and dried beans cooked with yogurt and masalas. It serves best with phulkas.

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6. Mangodi Matar ki sabzi

This sabzi is made with mangodi (sun-dried lentil dumplings) and matar (green peas). Trying this out will leave you craving for more and more.

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