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Written by Pragyan Agrawal
Its indeed a saying, that shoes tell a lot. Well, shoes are meant for feet and they might cover the entire portion or might not. What you have to do is keep your feet clean and healthy. This is how, those new pair of gladiators would look gorgeous on you. Moreover, who doesn’t want compliments from head to toe… 😉 Here are 6 simplest tips to make your feet look gorgeous:


1. Foot Massage:

Yup, its important. You may either get a foot massage from a parlor time to time or else may do it yourself. It helps in keeping your feet healthy and also increases the blood circulation.

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2. Keep Your Feet Dry:

It is very important to keep your feet dry when ensuring feet health. Moist conditions are quite favorable for the fungus to grow and thus harms your body over all. After taking shower, you must dry your feet thoroughly.

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3. Trim Your Toenails:

Who doesn’t love those sexy long nails with red nail paint sticking out the peep-toes and slippers? But still, it is quite necessary to trim the toe nails. When doing so, ensure to trim them along a straight line, do not at all curve them at the corners. It becomes a place for dirt to settle down.

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4. Avoid the Pain:

Sometimes it happens that the ingrown toenail pain takes over. For this, you may mix a spoon of salt in 4 glass of warm water. Soak your feet in them for about 20 mins and then treat it with antiseptic. After which you may bandage the paining area to avoid any infection. The pain is sure to go overnight.

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5. Use Warm Water:

There must be days when you come home really tired and your feet aches a lot. All you want to do is just take a bubble bath. Well, I don’t really know about bubble bath, but soaking your feet in warm water for sometime does help. It actually calmes you down and make your pain go away. Not only this, it also refreshes you.

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6. Give Them Some Rest:

If it is important to go to your work wearing stilletoes everyday, make use of alternatives. No, no don’t get me wrong, please wear your dear sexy stilletoes to work, but make sure to keep a pair of comy flats around your desk. Once you are seated at your place, slip off these stilletoes into the comfy zone. This way your feet will also get a chance to relax.

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