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5 Ways To Crack UPSC Exams In First Attempt

Written by Aaliya Rahman
One of the toughest examinations in India, is the Indian Civil Services exam. It is commonly referred to as the IAS exam, and is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) every year. Candidates from all over India, give this exam but very few are able to crack it. If you are thorough with your preparation and strong determination, then definitely you can clear in the examination in the very first attempt. For this, you need to develop certain habits. Let’s talk about five such habits today.

1. Objectify the UPSC syllabus:

Break into shorter sections. Objectify and break-down. It is important to understand that the syllabus is clearly specified, thus manageable. Also, one should look to objectify and break-down the syllabus into attainable parts and then formulate a plan, and go about the execution accordingly.Since the syllabus for the Civil Services exam is so vast and diversified, students might get nervous right at the beginning.

2. Stick to a timetable:

Make time for discussions and debates. Do not rely on last-minute preparations. Analyze the syllabus well in advance, and formulate a study timetable which suits you. Above all, stick to it.

3. Discussions and debates:

Do indulge yourself in productive, quality discussions and debates from time to time, with other aspirants or your friends. This will help you get hold of different perspectives and approach issues from various angles.

4. Keep practising mock tests and past years’ papers:

Thoroughly practise mock tests and past years’ papers to get a fair idea of question framing, difficulty levels, and time management.This will give you an added advantage, as you’ll be able to constantly monitor your progress, analyze it, and improve in areas where you might be lacking.Further, being familiar with papers will help brush off exam anxiety, and improve your confidence level.

5. Develop professional-level writing and reading skills for IAS exam writing skills:

The thing about the UPSC exam is that studying alone won’t help- attempting the paper is equally important. Thus, it is advisable to enhance your answer writing skills before the exam day comes.

6. Reading:

Never underestimate the importance of reading newspapers and magazines. This will give wings to your grasp over current affairs and general knowledge, and improve reading and writing.

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