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5 Must Haves For Winter 2018.

Written by Aaliya Rahman
Winter is coming. And so are the terrors of getting cold. With cold waves coming through the doors and hotness leaving the house, it’s time to prepare ourselves nice and safe. It’s time to get those warm clothes out of the closet and give them some heat. Back up your energy for the chills. With winter coming, it’s time to think a bit more creatively when getting dressed in the morning.

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1. Dress in layers:

Rather than using some thick layers, use many thin, warm layer. It will insulate better and allow you to strip off layers if the temperature rises.

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2. Buy or find a pair of insulated boots:

Invest a little in buying boots. The lining should be wool or synthetic–not cotton. You can buy linings separately.

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3. Wear winter socks:

Woollen socks are the best. Keep your feet dry and warm. You may layer up your feet but make sure it doesn’t stop your circulation. Good quality synthetic fleece socks are also preferred.

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4. Wear a hat:

While most people avoid wearing a hat, it’s good to cover the exposed areas so that the body heat doesn’t fade away.

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5. Wear gloves or mittens:

Warm gloves are very important. Keep thing gloves handy, because something is better than nothing. Your fingers and hands are the most vulnerable to cold, it’s better to keep covered.

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