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10 Fantastic Children’s Day Gift Ideas!

Written by Aaliya Rahman
First of all, Happy Children’s Day! To those who haven’t hit puberty yet and also to those who have killed the child in themselves. Well, congratulations, for another year of adulthood and another year of gift. Children’s day brings an amazing sort of spark in everybody’s life. The parents, teachers and children themselves get super-excited for the gifts and greetings that follow. Today we’d be talking about 10 gift ideas that can be given to your buds to bring a huge smile on their face. Let’s begin, starting from budget friendly ones. by the way, Happy Children’s Day again!

  1. The very basic item all students ought to have in their possession- Pencils.
  2. The all time favourite- colour pencils, pens, markers, or gel pens.
  3. Assorted cartoon characters featured- Pencil cases.
  4. A fancy stationary set inclusive of pencils, erasers, sharpeners, a pair of scissors, a mirror or a wallet, etc
  5. IQ metal puzzle pieces will be so ideal.
  6. A painting set.
  7. Children’s digital watch.
  8. Cute water bottles or tiffin boxes.Image result for cute tiffin and water bottles for kids
  9. Their favourite stuffed toys.Image result for stuffed giant toys
  10.  Candies and lots of candies!Image result for chocolates for kids


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