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10 awesome things only a 90’s Kid would relate to!

Written by Nancy Agrahari
Admit it or not, we would all want to go back to the 90’s era. The era where the struggle was real. The era where our deepest concern was getting the game console right and the power to charge up. The time where glitter pens and SpongeBob were our closest friend. The 90’s was the time were gifts to our best-friend included cards and handwritten notes with Pokemon stickers.
Oh, yes the nostalgia you feel is what we all can relate to, coz we are the awesome 90’s kid. If like us, you were lucky enough to be the 90’s kid, then you would identify each and everything down here that made our childhood awesome.

Scroll down and let the nostalgia hit you, with lots of happy memories.

1. Shakti..shakti..Shaktiman!

Shaktiman was our real hero and this tune our absolute favorite. Oh, what would we have not given to get that maroon velvet costume so that we could whirl all around our house, Shaktiman style!

2. Spongebob, Swat Kats, Richie Rich name them we have watched it all!

We had the best cartoons ever from Scooby Doo, Dexter’s Lab to  Johnny Bravo. We have watched them all and loved them with our lives. Cartoon Network was our only escape and the idea of its wrap up around 9 pm was so upsetting. Remember how we wished that the TNT never showed up and our CN goes on n on?

3. Glitter Pens!

What was life without glitter pens? Our handmade card was dependent on them, honestly not only the cards but all our projects. We absolutely loved the idea of decorating our projects with them…at times our notebooks too.

4. Summer Vacations, hell yeah!

Summer vacations were so good! Remember the time when we used to complete our homework in the first few days of our holidays so that we could enjoy the whole vacation. Let’s not forget how we used to love to visit our Nanighar during the holidays. Those days were awesome!

5. The 90’s music!

The 90’s music was the ones we still remember. From Tum Bin to Made in India we have hummed them all.

6. Video Games!

Only the 90’s kid will understand the struggle of getting the consoles right. Oh, who can forget the dusting and jiggling the power source ’till it works and we started the game.Getting the video game to work was an honor in itself for us.From inserting the tape into the console to actually handling the controllers we loved every minute of it. Our hours were booked with our favorite Mario Brothers and Roadrash.

7. Koosh Balls

Admit it, all of us had one of those cute little koosh balls.

8. It was the era of Rewind!

It was the era of VCRs. Not only did we have to rewind the movie every time we viewed it, we had to wait for all the way long for it. Oh, the horror!

9. Childhood Games!

We 90’s kid were a pro in the childhood games. We literally had our evenings sorted, all day! Yes, and it included the classic hide and seek, or chor police, or colorman, colorman. For school free periods we had our  ‘baithe baithe kya karenge….’ 

10. No cellphones, it was the time of telephones!

Remember PCO’S Or Phone booths? Those were the times our homes had telephone and we didn’t spend hours on phones. Oh, how sorted the life was!

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