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10 Attractive Qualities Girls Have !

Written by Aaliya Rahman
Being attracted to someone is one of the most common feelings. Attractiveness doesn’t always come with looking sexy but also with some habits. Let’s talk about girls and some of the habits that guys out there find attractive. It may happen that you may not relate to it because it varies from guy to guy.  Let’s have a look:
1. When she knows how to be flirty:

It’s one of those qualities when you can tell she’s really enjoying your company or not.

2. When girls are easy to talk to:

Another attractive quality is when they don’t have to think too much on whether to share stuffs with you or not.

3. When they are competitive:

Like you feel that sense of competition around them which actually boosts you to raise your level.

4. Girls who communicate well:

They tell you what’s bothering them and they’re not hiding it. The one’s who actually believe that talking can solve conflicts.

5. When girls maintain their body:

It’s sounds sexy when you hear they have a routine or any bodily activity like dancing and stuffs, to make sure their belly fat goes away because you may deny but it is attractive.

6. Girls who are passionate:

Not just about sex, yes that’s important but passionate about being able to improve themselves. Girls who are content actually don’t attract much.

7. Having a great sense of humour:

Because it’s not always a man’s job to make you laugh right? If you’re always in that grumpy granny’s look, then trust me, they’re gonna say no – no to your aura.

8. Listening to similar music:

It’s not a very strong point but if you guys have the same sense of music then there’s a connection you know.

9. Girls who have a sense of good food:

Trust me, having a sense of good food is super essential. Girls who are always into street food, it’s a bit tacky. Not so attractive to be honest.

10. If she gets along with your guy friends pretty cool:

Not to mention friends are the most important and if they give you a remark that dude she’s awesome then there you go.

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